The Emergency Card is the result of a work group formed by healthcare specialists, experienced in Emergency situations, terrestrial and air rescue, assisted by a highly trained team, professionals in the technology and communication department. We have created a highly technologic platform where news, updates and documents can be accessed immediately. The user, under our directions and with our support, will become the first main character and first actor throughout the activation and the use of the various functions of our program. Each subscriber has a Card, each Card has the user’s login data on it, so everyone can access the “life saving” data in case of emergency. The numeric code will allow the user to access all the data that himself has uploaded in the system, making it sort of an intelligent clinical record.
All you have to do is visit the website and follow the instructions step by step to activate your “CARD EMERGENCY”

The Emergency Card is a Multibuy Company Ltd product, the main office is in Malta. It is a business that has acquired products and experience from an Italian business since 2016. Multibuy Srl. Has started operating since 1994, in the loyalty program fields and the electronic payment fields.


Medicenter Group is a medical clinic that offers a cutting-edge healthcare model. It offers a wide range of services ranging from diagnostics to specialist medicine, outpatient surgery and rehabilitation. The Medicenter group organisation guarantees complete prevention and assistance paths.


Via Salaria 187a – 00015 – Monterotondo (RM) Tel 800 436 436
Via Tiburtina, 431, 00185 – Roma Tel 800 436 436
Via Carlo Guglielmi, 45 (ex anagrafe) 00185 – Terni Tel 800 436 436
Piazza Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 3 05035 Narni (TR)


Emergency Card adheres to the Multibuy Circuit.
With this agreement you can use the €uroCredit received with the Emergency Card to go on holiday. See how on