View your medical records with just a click. Just scan the QR code using your smartphone or manually login using your credentials on Emergency Card or use the APP to access your medical records which could be essential in case of emergency.

The Emergency Card is a card that contains medical records, data about health status and all the medical information of the holder. Very useful in emergency situations, it’s an essential tool which can optimise and expedite any critical health intervention process for the holder.

The information included on the emergency card can be reviewed at any point in time from anywhere, so your family doctor or any medical officer can view them by simply logging in with your credentials. All the medical records which concern any medical interventions or medical tests that the holder has made throughout the years, can be digitalized so he will be able to always have his medical records at hand.

It does not replace your health card, but it integrates it, becoming the card that contains all your data, your social security number and an area where your regional health data can be accessed for the control of prescription pads and to monitor your health related expenses, it relies on a data bank which is used to send prescription pads and INPS certificates.

With the EMERGENCY CARD you will have all the data that you have inserted:

  • A: First aid information provided by you
  • B: Information regarding your current health state and data that you have inserted in advance (blood tests, electrocardiograms, blood group etc.)

The EMERGENCY CARD is an essential tool which could assist your rescuers during the process by providing them with important information about you ( allergies, which medicines you’re using, your emergency contact …. ) . In case the person rescuing you needs the information in the data bank which can be accessed using username and password, the login credentials will have to be given to him, so we highly recommend you to give your username and password to your emergency contact as well (emergency contact’s info can be found on the card).


The evolution of the system
Useful for healthy people, it becomes a precious travelling companion for patients with chronic diseases who require special treatment.
You can access, change or register your EMERGENCY CARD data by using the APP to access your medical records and control them on your own, register new data with complete security and privacy. You will then be able to access the information with just a click.